So tired… must knit more!

I’ve just finished a 3 hour knitting session on my Branching Out scarf. I’m incredibly happy with how it’s progressing, and just thrilled at my apparent aptitude for lace. It’s now at 28 pattern repeats, and measuring around 55″ unblocked. I’m going to go ahead and add another ball of yarn and do maybe ten more repeats. I like my scarves long, and I really doubt that it’s going to stretch as much as the recommended silky wool, since my yarn is cotton/modal. I’ve only had to frog once – the addition of a lifeline has completely saved me.

I think my background in counted cross stitch and crochet makes me better at lace knitting than regular knitting. I’m used to keeping a count in my head while watching tv. I only tend to make mistakes when things are sort of mindless.

I got my yarn order from Knitpicks this morning, which was tres exciting since it wans’t scheduled for delivery until Monday. Marc came to wake me up, and I was exceedingly grumpy as I always am until I realized that he had set a lovely new box full of yarns down next to me. He knows the way to my heart!

A few of the yarns were from new lines… I got the new “Gloss” sock yarn in Concord, which is a very vivid purple. I was hoping it would be slightly more muted, but I still think it will make a lovely lace scarf someday soon. It feels wonderful (70% merino, 30% silk) and is definitely a bargan. I also got Amethyst heather Wool of the Andes, and it’s just lovely – I think I prefer some color variation in my wools. I got the new Wool of the Andes bulky in pewter, and it’s my only real disappointment. The color is sort of dull, and the yarn itself is pretty rough feeling. I’ll reserve my judgement until I try it, but I am not terribly enthused.

I got a few of their old yarns too. I got Shimmer in turquoise splendor, which is so pretty I can’t believe it, and wonderfully soft. I also got Memories sock yarn in Redwood Forest to make a Clapotis out of (aren’t I behind on these things?) It’s somewhat more subtle than it looked in the photo. So far I love it – so pretty and autumnal! Then I got some merino style and a bit more shine sport (love shine!)

I took pictures, but the usb port on the computer is acting up, so I can’t post them til Marc takes the camera to work on Monday. Then I’ll have pictures of all the yarn, plus the yarn winder that he built me out of legos (based on plans posted on Craftster.)

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